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Our team of professional snow fighters with an arsenal that includes heavy duty loaders, plows, snow removal equipment and ATV’s will maintain your shopping center or commercial property in a safe and efficient manner through winter’s worst storms. Part of our safety program includes using eco-friendly de-ice and anti-icing methods. With products like EcoBrine, EcoBrine Premium, and EcoBrine Supreme (Vancouver’s only LEED compliant brine product).

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Winter Program

Snow removal and salting is something that all property managers and building owners need to think about and plan ahead in order to reduce its impact.

Snow removal and ice control is often the single largest cost item in the maintenance budget for streets, sidewalks and parking lots. For this reason and because of its impact on public safety and essential mobility, snow removal and de-icing deserve special attention from all property managers, building owners and those in maintenance at all levels.

The number one concern during the winter months is safety. Frozen roads, slippery parking lots or icy sidewalks can cause unnecessary accidents leading to all kinds of hardship for patrons and businesses alike. After safety, the main goal of the Invictus Winter Maintenance Program is to provide the highest degree of vehicle and pedestrian mobility possible during these inclement climate conditions.

The benefits of this high maintenance standard are apparent:

  • Traffic keeps moving
  • Commerce and industry go on at near-normal pace
  • There are fewer accidents, injuries and deaths
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Access for emergency vehicles

Winter Maintenance Services

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ecobrine_small Eco Brine

winter1 De-Icing

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For our clients who want an even simpler way to plan their winter budget for anti and de-icing, we offer a Flat-Rate option. Flat-rate simply means you pay a monthly fee and you are completely covered for that month, whether we have to anti / de-ice 4 times or 12 times, you pay the same. Our flat rate runs from November 1 to March 31.


Communication with our clients is very important to us and something we take pride in. You will enjoy working with a company that has a long term relationship in mind for your shopping centers and commercial properties when it comes to servicing for winter.

eco brine

Liquid De-icing Solution

We manufacture, use and sell our very own brine called “EcoBrine.” EcoBrine is an environmentally friendly system that allows you to maintain a safe and accident-free shopping center or commercial property.

With products like Eco-Brine and Eco-Brine Plus (Vancouver’s only LEED compliant brine product) you will have a no winter issues.

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