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At Invictus, we believe that ‘janitor’ is a name to be proud of. A building ambassador, our janitors play an important role in creating an amazing first impression of our customers’ property or business.

Our Janitorial program aims to be an ‘invisible service’  for your shopping centers and commercial properties. Our Janitorial service is customizable to meet your specific needs. As a reliable and professional Janitorial company we allow our clients to focus on their business and organization, and we focus on keeping the facilities clean and well maintained.

We take pride in using only green Janitorial supplies. Our janitorial cleaning products pass all the LEED requirements. We believe there should be no compromise when it comes to the safe environment.

Commercial and Edible Landscaping

First impressions start from the curb side. Our professional landscapers know how to bring out a property’s best features with extensive knowledge in horticulture and plant maintenance.

Our unique edible landscaping service integrates food into commercial landscapes addresses conventional needs such as usability, aesthetic appeal and maintenance, while also creating bountiful edible landscapes which produce a variety of healthy, fresh foods.

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Snow Removal & Salting

Snow removal and salting is something that all property managers and building owners need to think about and plan ahead in order to reduce its impact. Our team of professional snow fighters with an arsenal that includes heavy duty loaders, plows, snow removal equipment and ATV’s will maintain your shopping center or commercial property in a safe and efficient manner through winter’s worst storms.

For snow removal, each property will have dedicated equipment that is sent out at night when the parking lots are empty. Snow-removal is best performed late night or early morning when the lots are empty with no cars or people. Depending on conditions and the property we also are able to provide daytime snow removal to maintain access and return after hours.

We provide our snow removal services in Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Whistler/ Squamish, Vancouver Island and Washington State.

Invictus Master Maintenance Program

Invictus Master Maintenance Program

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