Janitors have a responsibility to make things right for the next day. That’s why all our cleaning technicians receive standardized Master Maintenance Program training to ensure consistent quality service delivery, floor to ceiling. Our 18 years of Janitorial experience reflect in our service.

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Janitorial Program

At Invictus, we believe that ‘Janitor’ is a name to be proud of. A building ambassador, that plays an important role in first impressions of your property or business.

The word ‘Janitor’ is direct and simple; it tells people exactly what we do without adding a  sugar coating. The Janitor is the doorkeeper or gatekeeper of the building. They are the ones entrusted with the keys, many times having more access to parts of the building than anyone else.

The Janitor has a major effect on the morale of the workplace, when things are clean and tidy people feel better and the day to day activities of a building will run more efficiently. Studies have shown that you can increase employee productivity by promoting a clean, healthy and environmentally friendly work environment

Our Janitor’s role is to:

  • provide a high level of perfection to the overall building appearance
  • encourage a positive, clean friendly atmosphere
  • promote an organized, efficient, safe and well-maintained office environment

Our Janitorial program aims to be an ‘invisible service’  for your shopping centers and commercial properties. Our Janitorial service is customizable to meet your specific needs.

As a reliable and professional Janitorial company we allow our clients to focus on their business and organization, and we focus on keeping the facilities clean and well maintained.

Janitorial Services

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windowclean Window Cleaning

garbage Junk Disposal

carpetcleaning Carpet Cleaning

Janitorial Services Invictus

One of the best things about hiring Invictus is the fact that you can be absolutely sure that what you are getting is what you need. Invictus has the experience to understand exactly what is needed to keep your shopping centers and commercial properties clean and hygienic. With over 17 years of commercial cleaning experience you can be reassured that your property is being highly taken care of.

Invictus is so much more than just your regular Janitorial Services Company. We are your full-service cleaning company. We design a cleaning schedule using our Master Maintenance Program™ to take care of your building all year round with little to no supervision from you. You simply pick the package that works for you and see what we can do. Your cleaning schedule is fully customizable to meet whatever needs you might have.

The Invictus Full Janitorial
Program includes:

  • Janitorial
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Finishing
  • Pressure Washing
  • Power Sweeping

Green Commitment

At Invictus, we are committed to protecting the environment by continuous improvement of our products and services. We have made human health and environment an integral part of our cleaning business. All the products we use in our janitorial program meet all the requirements of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Our products contain no harmful chemicals like butyl, APE surfactants, chlorinated solvents, corrosive acids or alkalis, but are wildly effective on germs and dust. Our commitment to sustainability includes extensive training of our janitorial staff. In our four-level training program, we teach best green practices to our team, which includes hygiene practices, proper handling of cleaning products and correct separation of waste.

Guiding Our Customers To A Better Way Of Maintenance

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Invictus Master Maintenance Program

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