First impressions start from the walkway and curbside. That’s why our landscaping technicians take extra care to ensure that grounds are properly maintained.

Our professional landscapers know how to bring out a property’s best features with extensive knowledge in horticulture and plant maintenance.

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Landscape Program

For any commercial property, whether it serves a retail, rental, or industrial purpose, its physical appearance or design is a direct reflection of the individual or corporation that holds the title/deed of ownership. Our landscaping program includes everything to give your property the best first impression.

It is often said that perception is the reality, and as a result, a commercial property whose landscaping appears poorly maintained may discourage potential clients and customers – even though the goods and/or services offered by the title holder or the occupants are of the finest quality.

The benefits of landscaping your property are important to consider. Your landscape is an extenuation of your business. It is the first thing you present to visitors, employees, clients and potential clients. The care and consideration you have put into your landscapes design and maintenance is how other people become acquainted with your business before they ever reach your front door.

Our Landscapers role is to:

  • Provide lawn care maintenance, hedge maintenance, and overall site aesthetic maintenance
  • Notify you of any plants, trees or shrubs needing replacement
  • Beautify your property with seasonal or perennial plants in flower beds and borders

Our professional landscapers know how to bring out your shopping centers and commercial properties best features with extensive knowledge in horticulture and plant maintenance. We have an in-depth landscaping training program that keeps our landscapers updated with the industry. You can always expect best from our landscaping team.

Landscaping Services

landscaping_small  Hardscape Landscaping

treeremoval_small  Tree Removal

garbage  Junk Removal

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Ongoing maintenance takes less time than dealing with continual issues. Healthy landscapes are the product of feeding, watering, mowing, trimming, seeding, weeding, regular liming and aerating. Our Annual Care Plan revolves around general landscaping duties with an additional focus on seasonal maintenance.

Our landscaping service is just like all our other services in the Master Maintenance Program™. At Invictus we specialize in providing efficient and reliable property maintenance to promote a clean, and attractive environment that we can all be proud of. In addition to our “EVERYTIME” quality assurance, we provide regular follow-up inspections to ensure quality, consistency and attention to detail.

Annual Care Plan:

  • Weekly lawn mowing, trimming and pruning
  • Weekly edging of all lawn areas bordering planted beds, sidewalks, fencing etc.
  • Weekly weeding of garden and shrub beds
  • Weekly turning and raking of all common garden beds
  • Weekly removal of all litter and debris

Additional Landscaping Services:

  • Bark Mulch
  • Hedge Removal/Installation
Professional Landscaping

The benefits of commercial landscaping are overwhelming.

Physical Attraction: Never ignore the power of aesthetics. Everyone appreciates an attractive space. By implementing a landscaping program, your business is more likely to attract new clients and keep existing ones. Companies that take the time to beautify their outdoor appearances are seen as detail-oriented and pro-active. Potential clients will see that you care enough to maintain your own space, and will automatically assume that the same level of care will be given to them.

Market Value: Attractive spaces lead to increased market value. By hiring a commercial landscaping service for your NJ business, you help raise the value of that space, as well as the areas surrounding it. Increasing your market value causes a “trickle down” effect: other companies will implement commercial maintenance as well, thus making the entire area more profitable. Since people are instinctively drawn to attractive areas, this move can increase revenue for your company.

Crime Reduction: Areas that are professionally maintained are more likely to remain crime-free. Well placed plants and lights deter criminal elements, as they’re seen as “safer” than non-developed places. Lower crime rates lead to a more trusting community and more comfortable employees, which also increases productivity and revenue all around.

Surrounding Areas: A good business district helps the surrounding homes; a pretty business district increases the amount of people who want to purchase those homes. When you implement professional, commercial landscape designs and maintenance into your outdoor space, you actually increase the value of the property but also make the entire area more desirable.

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Edible Landscaping

Your property has the potential to produce food for you, your clients, your employees and your community. Edible landscaping turns unused outdoor areas such as lawns and ornamental garden beds into spaces that are fruitful and fertile.

Our unique approach to integrating food into commercial landscapes addresses conventional needs such as usability, aesthetic appeal and maintenance, while also creating bountiful edible landscapes which produce a variety of healthy, fresh foods.

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